Thanksgiving is less than a week away and Krazy Kimmer, the Remsen Redneck heads out in the woods to shoot her turkey this year.

"I got my good clothes on, my giggle water, my 870 12 guage pump, a good turkey gun," says Kimmer. "In order to get the turkey, you've got to become the turkey."

Kimmer's turkey call does the trick as she hits the bird that will be served on Thanksgiving. "That's one fine looking bird right there that derseves a celabratory giggle water drink."

Thankfully before taking a giggle water drink Kimmer practices gun safety first. "Gotta put my gun down before I shoot my toe off."

"Thanksgiving in my house is sure gonna be a feast."

Tune in next Friday to see what Krazy Kimmer will do next.


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