Pretty soon the winter will be here and that will mean a lot more indoor activities including staying home and watching movies. The perfect snack for that is popcorn! It's important to remember that you don't have to settle for ordinary microwave popcorn! Here is the proper way to make the perfect stove-top popcorn every time! The stove route is cheaper too!

What you need:

- Bag of White or Yellow Popcorn Kernels
- Canola, Vegetable, or Olive Oil (Depending on Flavor Preference)
- Medium Saucepan with Lid
- Butter and Salt (Optional)

What you need to do:

  1. Fill your medium saucepan with your oil so that a thin layer just covers the bottom of the pan (don't use too much).
  2. Heat oil on the stove uncovered with three individual popcorn kernels in the center of the pan.
  3. Once the three kernels pop, add the rest of your popcorn kernels and cover. Immediately start moving the pan back and forth on the burner.
  4. Continue this process (to sift unpeopled kernels to the bottom of the pan) until you hear the popping stop.
  5. Take off the burner, pour popcorn into big bowl, and enjoy!
  6. You can add butter and/or salt for flavor as desired.

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