For 35 years The Make-A- Wish Foundation has been making the dreams of terminally ill kids come true. It can be anything from a visit by a celebrity to a trip to Disney World. For Miles Scott his wish included a whole city and even the President himself. For one whole day he became "Batkid" and it was one of the biggest wishes granted in 'Make-A-Wish' history.

Miles is a young man who was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was his love of super heroes, specifically Batman, that led to this dream becoming his reality. The city of San Francisco was transformed into Gotham City and Miles, or "Batkid" as he was called that day, had a whole day full of fighting crime and living the life of a true hero.

Warner Brothers made this documentary to chronicle what it took to make this little guy's fantasy become a reality. Luckily, Miles is now in remission from his terrible disease. Let's hope he stays that way. The film is set to be released in select theaters on June 26th.

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