Sears already closed in Sangertown Square. Will Macy's be the next department store to leave the mall? Shoppers in New Hartford have seen businesses come and go from the long-standing shopping center and the potential loss of the retail giant would be another huge blow.

According to a CNN Money report, Macy's plans to close 15% of their existing brick and mortar stores. One of the biggest reasons for this decision is the expanding online shopping preference for consumers today. The article states,

Macy's said its new strategy is to concentrate its financial firepower and talent on the best-performing locations. The department store plans to invest in strong stores by adding new vendor shops, increasing the size and quality of staff and investing in new technology.

There were no confirmations as to which stores would be shut down, but the closings are said to begin early in 2017. Let's hope our New Hartford store stays alive and well. This is not the first time the store has been at risk.

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