Last week, Luke Austin gave you some advice for your fantasy football league. Now with week 1 in the books let's take a look at what Luke got wrong and what he got right.

Since the big sports prognosticators seemingly never admit to their mistakes, I decided that since I might have an influence over your team I'll take responsibility for any miscalls I had.

That also means that I'm going to do a little bragging about the picks I made correctly though, so buckle up.

Luke's Terribly Wrong Tips:

Martavius Bryant Pittsburgh WR - not only managed to drop a few passes, but he barely produced any points at all on Sunday. Oops.

Carson Palmer Arizona QB - Palmer was nowhere near what I thought he could produce, but he did at least have 1 score so he may have been somewhat helpful. Probably not though.

Wendell Smallwood Eagles RB, Torrey Smith Eagles WR, Alfred Morris Dallas RB, and Even Engram Giants TE - Ok these were terrible predictions as none of them touched the ball on Sunday. If they did it wasn't for long. Sorry about that one.

Luke's Luckily Good Predictions:

A lot of the suggestions I made were to replace players from the postponed Miami v Tampa bay game. If you listened to me on any of the following, congratulations!

Sam Bradford Minnesota QB - Bradford had a heck of a night against a bad Saints Defense, throwing 3 TD's and racking up 300+ yards. He could be a solid option at QB going forward.

Carson Wentz Eagles QB - Wentz had a solid day with 2 TD's and at least 300 yards passing.

Danny Woodhead Ravens RB - Woodhead snagged 3 catches for 33 yards, meaning at least 6 points in PPR leagues. Not a bad third RB option last minute.

Michael Crabtree Raiders WR - Crabtree wasn't the #1 fantasy option that he has been the last two seasons, but did haul in 6 catches for 80 yards. Not a bad day for a 2-3 receiver.

Shane Vereen Giants RB - Another good late PPR league pickup. Vereen had 9 catches for 50 yards. A 14 point day is great if you stuck him in your lineup last minute.

Jesse James Steelers TE - James was a last-minute pickup for me because I had Cameron Brate from the Buccaneers on bye. James finished the day with 6 catches for 40 yards and 2 TD's.

Jason Witten Cowboys TE - Same deal as James above. Witten was a last minute option for teams looking to fill a roster spot because of the TB v Mia game. Witten had 7 catches for 50 yards and the game's only TD.

There you have it. Obviously fantasy football is hit or miss, but if you need another opinion to help get you off the fence, I'm here for you every Friday throughout the football season.

You can send me your questions at, and stay tuned for my Week 2 fantasy football favorites and sits coming Friday!



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