If you're stuck setting your lineup or have a handful of players from the postponed Tampa Bay vs. Miami out this week, Luke has some deep roster options and gives you his favorite starts and sits for week 1.

Just to begin, I have been playing fantasy football for 15 years. I'm not telling you this to prove that I know everything, in fact it's quite the opposite.

I know that the picks and roster moves I give you have just as much a chance of being a bust as they do of being successful, but if you're stuck and need another opinion I'm here for you.

Tampa bay vs. Miami alternatives:

QB to play instead of Cutler or Winston:

Sam Bradford, Minnesota - Bradford has a few good weapons around hims and could at least be a band-aid for week 1

Carson Palmer, Arizona - Carson has plenty of targets to throw to, and David Johnson, one of the top drafted RB's to throw to.

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia - Wentz typically fares better early in the season before opposing Defenses have time to figure his rhythm out. With some new receivers around him, he could save your week 1.

Rb's to replace Miami and TB backs:

Shane Vereen, Giants - Vereen has made a name for himself being a great pass catcher out of the backfield. He should get some time on Sunday night against Dallas and in ppr leagues could rack up 6-8 points.

Alfred Morris, Dallas - Morris may not see a ton of touches this week with Zeke Elliot playing, but he is a solid goal-line back that could snag some TD's. If McFadden struggles, Morris moves to the #2 spot in Dallas' depth chart.

Wr's to replace Miami and TB pass catchers:

Torrey Smith, Philadelphia - A new team and a new QB, Smith could have a breakout season with all eyes in Philly on Alshon Jeffery.

Sterling Shepard, Giants - With all the attention on Odell Beckham Jr and Paul Perkins, Shepard may just sneak in a few quality catches. Enough to help you survive week 1.

Luke's favorites to start in week 1:

Martavius Bryant, Pittsburgh - Bryant is finally not suspended and the buzz about this guy's pass catching is big. Another receiver who will benefit from the other big names around him. If you're on the fence, start him.

Danny Woodhead, Baltimore - Woodhead should be a gem in PPR leagues. Cincinnati gave up almost 6 catcher per game to RB's last year and that just happens to be Woodhead's wheelhouse. Plus Cincy's star LB Vontez Burfict is out, leaving a gap in their defensive backfield.

Michael Crabtree, Oakland - Crabtree has quietly been Oakland's #1 fantasy receiver for the last two seasons. Decision made.

Who to sit in week 1:

The Colts! Chances are you drafted T.Y. Hilton early in your draft so you have to play him, but if you can avoid playing him go right ahead at least until Andrew Luck is back healthy.

Frank Gore will probably struggle against the Ram's strong front 7 as well so stay away from Colts players if at all possible.

There you go, I hope this helps at least decide a few of those agonizing choices you have to make this week.

More fantasy football advice coming next Friday, and if you have any questions for week 2 feel free to email me at Luke@bigfrog104.com.





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