It's time for students to start heading back to college, and if you or someone you know is a freshman heading to live in the dorms for the first time, Luke Austin is here to help get you ready.

In my experience in college - one semester at Oswego then transferred to Utica College for the rest - I've picked up a few tips that could help make the transition a lot easier, especially for new students.

My biggest tips are get to know your roommates and shop around for textbooks.

Getting to know and become friends with your roommates can and will open up a lot of new experiences, not to mention make you a lot more comfortable with your surroundings when you know a few people.

Textbooks are a wallet killer. Shop around for the best deals. Look online for places that rent books or give you the cheaper option of downloading digital versions. Don't be afraid to buy used books too.

You might also be able to find others who have the book you need because they just didn't sell it back. Work out a swap deal or maybe you'll get lucky like I did and have someone offer you a book you need. There are a lot more options than paying top dollar through the college bookstore.

Watch the video above for a few more helpful tips and tricks that can make the transition from your parents house to the dorms much more smooth.



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