Well they went and did it, Wendy's took away one of my favorite items.

They no longer serve SPICY CHICKEN NUGGETS!

It's been less than a month since I told you that Wendy's was considering the move, but I didn't think they would actually go through with it.

A blog post on FoodBeast.com tackled this issue for us and tried to get an answer from Wendy's, but this is the only response that was offered:

"Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets are available in select cities across the country, and the traditional Chicken Nuggets are still available at all Wendy’s restaurants. Customers who are fans of Spicy Chicken Nuggets can opt for our Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Wendy’s also recently added an Asiago Ranch Chicken Club that can be ordered Grilled, Spicy or Homestyle."

So it looks like if you want spicy nuggets in Central New York, you're going to have to buy a spicy chicken sandwich and tear it up into bite sized pieces.

Genius Wendy's.

If Wendy's can ditch these delicious spicy pieces of chicken heaven, then I'm afraid nothing is safe.

What's next to go Wendy's, the Frosty? Fries?

I suppose I'll still be happy as long as the Baconator sticks around.


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