Who knew Luke Bryan was such a good actor? He punked Chuck Wicks during a morning radio interview. Bryan shares a picture of a busted window he saw in the station parking lot on his way in explaining, "I think there's a break in." Turns out it was Wicks' truck.

Wicks and Bryan head out to the lot to take a look. Not only does the truck belong to Wicks, there's shattered glass all over the place.

Wicks leaves his keys out for anyone to take everyday, so his co-worker did. With the help of Bryan they made Wicks believe someone broke his truck window. The glass was real, but it actually came from another vehicle. Wicks' window was just rolled down to make it LOOK like someone broke the glass.

"That's my best acting performance ever" Bryan laughs.

Moral: don't leave your keys out where Luke Bryan can get a hold of them.

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