Luke Bryan celebrated his 39th birthday in the can thanks to his wife Carolyn. She gave him a cake shaped like a toilet, complete with note on toilet paper that read 'Holy **** you're getting old.'

The cake was designed by Jenna Siebert, co-owner of The Sweet Devine after a conversation with Luke's wife. She tells the Feast Magazine, "Right away she told me they have a really hilarious sense of humor, and she said, 'I'm kinda thinking of a cake that has poop in it. What are your thoughts?' The night before, we were up until about 5am to finish it up — that's how it goes sometimes, but it was such an awesome cake. It was a really great experience, we're so grateful for it."

Jenna even posted how she made the hilarious cake.

I know someone with a BIG birthday next month and this is giving me an idea.

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