Who is ready for more music from Chuck Wicks? Well, Chuck Wicks, for one. But new music isn’t the only thing on his radar. In addition to writing for his own forthcoming second studio album, the singer will also have a cut on the new Jason Aldean project, slated for release in October.

“You can’t get any hotter than that guy,” Wicks tells Taste of Country of having a song on Aldean’s album. “I’m such a fan of his. I love him as a person. He’s such a great guy, and I love his music. He’s talented as all get out, so it was a big deal when he said he was going to cut one of my songs.”

The song which Wicks wrote for Aldean’s highly-anticipated new record is called ‘I Don’t Do Lonely Well,’ and Wicks reveals that it’s actually a true story.

“I don’t think anybody does lonely well. Do you do lonely well?” he asks. “I don’t do lonely well. Everybody reading this … do you do lonely well? I don’t think so. Nobody does lonely well. So Jason Aldean is going to talk to us about it.”

Excited as he is for the Aldean record to drop, Wicks is also continuing to chip away at writing and compiling songs for his next project. “I’ve been writing a ton,” he spills. “I’ll have a new single hopefully coming out this fall. It’s exciting. I’ve just been writing a ton. The creative process, for me, is the best part, so I’ve been writing a bunch, and thrilled that I got [the] song on Jason Aldean’s record. I’m really excited about the Jason Aldean cut, and I’m excited to get my stuff back out, too. I’m due. I released my first record in 2008, and what is it … 2025 right now? It’s time. I think it’s time.”

Tentatively, Wicks’ next single will be a song titled ‘The Whole Damn Thing.’ Stay tuned to Taste of Country for a first listen of the song before it hits radio airwaves later this year.

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