Did you know that Lucille Ball was from Jamestown New York? She was a huge fan of New York, so much she even had a vacation home nearby Central New York. She owned a home in Norwich near Chenango Lake, and now that home is up for sale. 

According to Chenango County Realty, the home offers up to 19.25 acres of outdoor fun.  Outside you'll find a tennis court, wrap-around porch, stone patio, a side deck, and it's right near the lake. Inside, you'll find five bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms, a sun room, a rooftop widow's walk, and plenty of other beautiful features.

Mona writes that Lucille's car would stop at her Dad's service station, Moore's Mobil in Morris on her way to Chenango Lake.

Her driver would get out of the car and talk with my Dad as he filled the fuel tank and washed the windows. She always rolled her window down and always had something nice to say to my Father. He always impressed with how kind she was!"

The house can be yours for the asking price of $325,000. Get more details, and photos, by Clicking Here. Chenango Lake is a short drive from Utica. You can make it under an hour by taking Route 8S. You can find directions by Clicking Here.


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