A woman is heartbroken after losing her late grandparent's ashes and she's hoping the power of social media can help bring it back home.

Kristen Sternberg, of Newport, New York was riding with her brother when it went missing and she turned to Facebook, desperately hoping someone will find it. "My very not smart self wore the pendant that holds my grandparents ashes in it and the chain broke at some point."

Sternberg found the broken chain wrapped around the strap of her purse, but the pendant and the angel wing are both gone. "I have searched the house. I’ve searched my clothes and my purse. I’ve scoured the driveway and the side by side and I’m still empty handed."

The last stop she and her brother made while out riding was at the Pit in Norway, but they weren't there very long. "If you end up at the Pit and happen to find my pendant, please know it’s very, very sentimental to me and I’d love it back. I know it’s quite a long shot considering the amount of traffic the pit gets."

Sternberg says while she waits and prays it's found, she'll continue searching in hopes it turns up..

The pendant and charm on the necklace both have Origami Owl stamped on them. "It was sealed by the funeral home, so it should all be in tact, unless of course it got run over."

Credit - Kristen Sternberg
Credit - Kristen Sternberg

If anyone finds the missing ashes, contact Sternberg on Facebook.

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