If this doesn't warm your heart and make you believe in miracles, nothing will.

Jay lost his Ducky. A friend that's got him through a lot. "Jay had brain surgery in September because of a build up of fluid and Ducky has been with him for all the tests and the surgery," says his mom Rebecca Klievoneit.

Photo Credit - Rebecca Klievoneit

Ducky fell out at in the Marcy Dunkin Donuts parking lot and he's been trying to find his way back home to Jay ever since. "Thinking back I know exactly when it could have fallen out, even though I couldn't figure out when it could have gone missing at the time," says Rebecca.

The Dunkin Donuts manager Jolynn Connolly turned to Facebook, hoping to find the owner, but two weeks went by and Ducky was still waiting. So we shared Jolynn's search to help spread the word and a friend of Rebecca's saw the post.

Photo Credit - Jolynn Connolly

Rebecca and Jolynn connected and made plans to pick up the lost duck. Jay and Ducky were reunited with lots of hugs and kisses. "I've very grateful to the staff at Dunkin Donuts for keeping him safe until we could reunite him with his boy," says Rebecca. "I honestly don't think we would have found him unless you shared that he was at Dunkin Donuts."

Jolynn is just as happy Ducky is back where he belongs. "It has made my week that he has found his way back home."

Jay isn't out of the woods yet. "We still have quite a road ahead of us," says Rebecca who is waiting on more test results. "But Jay is very happy to have ducky back with him for it all."

Lets hope Jay's good luck charm can bring him more good news and a clean bill of health.

Photo Credit - Rebecca Klievoneit