UPDATE: The duck's owner has been found. Rebecca Klievoenit is going to pick up her son Jay's toy today...a toy he's had for quite some time.

Photo Credit - Rebecca Klievoneit
Photo Credit - Rebecca Klievoneit

Help deliver a lost UPS duck back to it's family.

"I'm lost and looking for my family," Jolynn Connolly shared on Facebook after finding the stuffed toy. "I'm safe, but I really want to go home."

Connolly found the duck at Dunkin Donuts on River Road in Marcy, where she works. "The people here are nice but they aren't my people. Help me get home."

The duck has been enjoying him or herself since going missing a few weeks ago. "I'm having a good time here, but really miss my home."

Can you help deliver the duck back home? Please share to reunite it with it's family.

If you know this duck, contact Jolynn Connolly on Facebook or head into the Marcy Dunkin Donuts.

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