Log cabins offer up some incredible beauty and many people wish for their whole life to own one. If you are one of those people, you need to see these five beautiful ones in CNY.

So many people dream and lust after log cabins just like the five that are pictured down below. Especially here in Central New York where they are so much more abundant than in other parts of the country. There are so many reasons why too. Usually, if you choose to live in a log cabin, you will find yourself out surrounded by woods. That is one way to guarantee some peace and quiet for once, right?

The negative to log cabins? Well, they are not exactly all that cheap. That is for one because the housing market right now is absolutely on fire. Finding a property for a decent price is nearly impossible. They also tend to lean just a little bit on the expensive side because of exactly what was mentioned above, desirability. Supply and demand, the bigger the pool that would be interested, the higher the price on the low supply.

But they most certainly are not unattainable. None of the ones listed below are what you would call a mansion, or at least they aren't selling for that price. A few of them have quite the price tag, but the dream can happen. Even if you can't afford it, or don't plan to buy it. One thing can be agreed on, everyone likes looking at log cabins. So here they are!

5 Amazing Log Cabins For Sale In CNY

From big ones with amazing views to small houses with a lot of character. Here are some options for log cabins you can own in Central New York

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