FrogFest 27 was a huge success! We had some great food, great vendors, and of course amazing performances. Our headliner, Jerrod Niemann, rocked the Herkimer County Fairgrounds, but something happened that almost derailed the show. One of Niemann's band members had their back give out to the point where he could't even stand. Luckily, one of our fine vendors was local chiropractor, Dr. Jon Blando!

Andy Cash/TSM
Andy Cash/TSM

David Mahurin is the drummer for Jerrod and told me it was a car accident when he was a kid that initially began his history of back problems. It was on the tour bus on Saturday that a slight wrong move put him on the floor of the bus, and he couldn't move. Luckily, Dr. Blando was at the fairgrounds with his chiropractor's table. He attributes the decision to bring the table to his wonderful wife Kaleigh. He went on to say that he definitely owes her a spa day for making him bring it. As a reward for helping David get to the stage and able to rock the drum kit, he was invited on the tour bus to do a little celebrating. He was not only invited onto Niemann's tour bus, he also got a shoutout during the show for his help! One thing is for sure, FrogFest wouldn't have been the same without Dr. Jon Blando from Blando Chiropractic. If you are having back pain yourself, you can contact Blando Chiropractic at (315) 765-0478 or you can visit his Facebook page. Of course I can't forget to mention Dr. Blando's dad who drove back to Jon's office in Washington Mills to grab a special machine to help the process along.

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