Jerrod Niemann's "A Little More Love" with Lee Brice will make you wish you could hide in the bed of their El Camino and soak up the good vibes. It's the perfect summer road-tripping song. A faster beat would make you sweat in August. A slower pace would be a lullaby. This groove is just right.

It's not clear if either actually owns an El Camino, but for the sake of this reggae-flavored country jam they do. The lyrics of "A Little More Love" fit Niemann's brand of left-of-center country music perfectly, and his delightful exchanges with Brice are off the cuff, loose and inspired. Two singers who didn't know each other as well as they do could not pull off the chemistry this funky beat is built on.

Every year, a half dozen singers will write, record and release a single they hope will fit summer. Shane McAnnally, Ross Copperman, Natalie Hemby and Kristi Neumann have penned a song that coincidentally covers the season in Banana Boat Factor 40. Every note and word hits three senses. Come October, "A Little More Love" may not fit, but we've got 120 days to soak it in.

Did You Know?: These two longtime friends are now labelmates. The song will be released on Niemann's upcoming album.

Listen to Jerrod Niemann, Lee Brice, “A Little More Love”

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Jerrod Niemann, Lee Brice, “A Little More Love Lyrics:

“California, by the sea / I could be living in the lap of luxury / Like on TV, that’s all good / But it will never make me feel the way I should.”

“I could jump in a van, head to Birmingham / Be up on the stage with a reggae band by tomorrow / With my baby, it won’t make me rich but it will save me.”

“Make a little more love / Make a little less money / Catch a little more buzz / Off a little less honey / Can’t have it made there in the shade / When you’re working all the time / Make a little more love / And be happy for the rest of your life / Be happy for the rest of your life.”

“Sunrise, the front seat / I got everything I need but I get it for free / Like the best things in life / I can’t climbing up the ladder when I’d rather take a ride / Down the boulevard in an El Camino / Is it a car or a truck, hell if we know / But we’re going and we don’t care / Cause the windows are down and it gets us where we can …”

“You won’t miss the dotted lines / You won’t miss the dollar signs / Don’t wait ’til it’s too late / ‘Cause you’ll only miss this time that you didn’t take / To make / Ooooh / A little more love.”

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