A Quiet Place 2 is coming. John Krasinski confirmed it's 'time to go back' and to expect the sequel in theaters May 5, 2020.

Now the question is will Krasinki, Emily Blunt and the entire film crew return to central New York? Little Falls Mayor, Mark Blask is hoping the cast and crew come back for the sequel. "I have already reached out to them and am keeping my fingers crossed."

Production Weekly confirmed filming will take place in upstate New York, but didn't specify if it's Little Falls again.

In October 2017 Hollywood came to the tiny town to shoot parts of the movie, closing down Main street for a few days.

Photo Credit - Karin Boepple

"Everyone involved with the movie was incredibly complimentary," says Blask. "They loved seeing everyone watching them work. I saw several times throughout the day where John Krasinski and Emily Blunt went over and took selfies and signed a lot of autographs."

Photo Credit - Rob Richard

Andy House took the day off work to be on the set during filming. "Seeing the crew prepare the set was really interesting," he says. "A lot of time and effort went into it."

Will we be lucky enough to see it again? Only time will tell.