The home of April the Giraffe is getting new residents as a pride of African Lions will soon call the Animal Adventure Park home.

It's been 15 years since Broome County, NY hosted lions, and now the cub Bisa is the first.

Bisa is an African name meaning 'greatly loved.' She is 3 years old and "the first to arrive of the pride being assembled from across the country, which will yield viable genetic diversity for future preservation program initiatives."

Animal Adventure Park
Animal Adventure Park

Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch says the preservation of the African Lion species - which currently sit just above the 'endangered' threshold - is the reason for bringing in the cubs.

“The future of these magnificent feline carnivores is in jeopardy due to the continued exploitation of natural environments, poaching, and human encroachment,” Patch said. “Lions will have a safe home at Animal Adventure Park, where they will act as ambassadors for their species as we continue our mission of educating our visitors and online support base of the threats faced by wildlife, and the inevitable outcome from this continued destructive path."

Animal Adventure Park will celebrate their new lions on World Lion Day August 10, 2018.

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