Growing up I played with Legos on a very regular basis. Whether I was building rockets, or building skyscrapers one thing was always certain with Legos: If you step on them, they will KILL your foot. That's what people walking on beaches in Cornwall in Europe learn the hard way, even 18 years after an accident.

According to the Gloucestershire Echo, nearly 18 years ago a container of Legos fell off a ship near the Cornish coast. To this day, some of the 4.8 million pieces are still being washed up.

Tracey Williams, who has been combing the beaches of her home county in the years since 62 containers fell off the Tokio Express vessel in February 1997 has set up a Facebook page to map where the knobbly plastic pieces are washed up. Although most of them come to land in Cornwall, some have been found as far away as Brighton, hundreds of miles from where the containers were washed overboard."

Next time you're on the beach, not only watch out for jellyfish, watch out for Legos.


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