Tis the season for toy shopping, and of course Santa Claus bringing the best gifts on Christmas. Some of those gifts from Yesteryear, are worth a fortune nowadays. Here's a list of some of those toys you probably played with a ton, and now you can cash in.

1) Lego Millenium Falcon

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Who doesn't love legos? Seriously though, they were the greatest part of my childhood. If you owned the original Millenium Falcon with a certificate of authenticity, expect to cash in for at least $18,000 or more. Its got to be a Star Wars Lego Millenium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series Set #10179 to be worth major bank.


2) Princess Diana Ty Beanie Baby 1st Edition

Most beanie babies are pretty much worthless nowadays. However, not this gem. All money raised when the toy was originally sold was sent to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. Currently on eBay, this is going for at least $15,000.


3) Robby The Robot

Growing up, all my Dad did was talk about how he always wanted a Robby The Robot. He's the most iconic looking robot toy of all time! Who wouldn't want him right? Well, if you have one, and it's in pretty good shape...perhaps mint, this one on eBay is bidding for $3,000.


4) Hess Voyager Toy Boat

Boys and girls all of America have been collecting Hess trucks since the 1960's. This was a one of a kind, a toy Hess boat! I actually had one of these. Of course, the stupid child I was destroyed it and sold it on eBay for parts... I made a smooth $100 though! If you have this toy from 1966 in mint, along with the box, currently on eBay someone is asking for $1795.


5) Sega Genesis Console

The gaming console of my household was the Sega Genesis. If you still have this gaming system, and managed to NEVER touch it and leave it in the box, you can expect some major coin. Especially, if its the mini. This gem is up for grabs on eBay for $1500.