Taste the fall season for yourself at this popular ice cream spot in Central New York.

Who said fall is the end of the ice cream season in New York? Sure, it's going to get colder every day from here on out... but that doesn't mean we should put our favorite dairy delights to bed.

Especially when they look like this.

Credit - Kookie's Q via Facebook
Credit - Kookie's Q via Facebook

The Cannoli Sundae

Kookie's Q Creamery is back once again with deliciously, new creations for everyone to enjoy. They never fail to disappoint with what they come up with.

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Every month they highlight a new delicious dessert with their "Sundae of the Month". This time they're welcoming the fall season with a Cannoli Sundae. Are cannoli's strictly a fall treat? No, of course not. But this sundae is only here for this month alone.

What's in it?

That's a great question voice in my head! Take a look at all the ingredients...

  • Vanilla/Chocolate Twist Soft Serve
  • Rich Hot Fudge
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Crispy Waffle Cone
  • Whipped Cream
  • Cherry on Top!

If you wanted to pair it with another ice cream treat that's DEFINITELY fall themed, then you need to try this.

Credit - Kookie's Q via Facebook
Credit - Kookie's Q via Facebook

Pumpkin Spice Shake

They waited long enough to unveil this bad boy. Embrace your inner 'stereotypical-white-girl' and sip into this fall favorite.

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Whether you like "pumpkin spice" or not, you have to agree this shake looks absolutely delicious. It's hard not to smell the pumpkin flavoring and cinnamon stick looking at this picture. Even lactose intolerant me would cave for this.

Try them both for a limited time at any Kookie's Q location.

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