'Knight Rider' was a popular TV show (albeit briefly) that ran from 1982 through 1986. In it, David Hasselhoff's crime-fighting Michael Knight was partnered with a talking car named KITT. And now it's ready to become a movie.

The LA Times is reporting that Brad Copeland -- who was a writer on 'Arrested Development,' but also penned 'Wild Hogs' and the 'Yogi Bear' film adaptation -- has been hired to work on a screenplay. With his hiring, it's obvious that they're going for a slightly more comic version of the film, and likely interest has been boosted by the success of 'Fast and Furious 6.'

But it's worth noting that this is something Hollywood has tried before. Back in 2002, Revolution Studios wanted to get a 'Knight Rider' film going, and then The Weinstein Company snapped up the rights in 2006 and tried to get Orlando Bloom to star in the picture. That didn't happen, and the project has been cold ever since.This is on top of the 2008's television reboot, which lasted only one troubled season.

Though 'Knight Rider' is embedded in pop culture, it's also a program that only lasted four seasons, so the premise wore out its welcome before it could get to a more syndication-friendly hundred episodes. While much of the modern appreciation of the show seems ironic (which is likely why they're going for a comic flavor), and fueled by a fascination with David Hasselhoff. But common sense never stopped Hollywood before, so this has a real shot at being made.

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