Frustrated with your kids not answering you? There's an app for that. ReplyASAP will lock their phone until they answer your text or call.

The app was created by a father who wanted a way to get a hold of his son. "When he started secondary school I bought him a smart phone so I could contact him and he could contact me."

The problem was the boy had the phone on silent while he played games or watched videos and missed his dad's calls or messages. "I've finally had to admit to myself he may be embarrassed to speak to his dad in front of his friends."

Apps are available to know your message has been seen but it can be ignored. With the RelyASAP app, the messages can be heard even if the phone is in silent mode and a noise will continue until it's answered. The message will take over the screen, no matter what the person is doing with it.

The father and son talked about the app while it was being developed and dad says he knows it's "only for important things and not because he needs new batteries for his xbox controller."

You can only send ASAP's to people who have the app but it works great for adults too, especially is you need to get a hold of someone at work or have an emergency.

As a mom, I applaud this father for coming up with a brilliant idea. I can't tell you how many times I've sent a text to my daughter and...nothing. Even a simple 'K' to let me know she received the message would work.

Until kids have their own children, they don't understand the crazy thoughts that go through parent's minds when they don't hear back. We always think the worst has happened. It's in our blood, especially moms.

Get more information at the ReplyASAP website.


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