Anyone outside of the farming industry probably wouldn't understand the damage birds do silo bags.  I mean, how much could they eat?  But as you know it's more damaging the feed.  Jeff Miller from  Cornell Cooperative Extension shares some methods he's seen employed and their success.

Some methods that have been employed by farmers include:

  • Propane cannons (noise makers) that will only control the birds for a short period of time.
  • Paint appropriate for plastic and painted squiggly lines on the top of the pile as well as ones on the side of the pile 14” up from the ground.
  • Plastic mesh from commercial companies that lay over the top of the full length of the bag providing protection from birds and hail damage, they are re-useable and many have 10 yr warranties from UV breakdown… but are not inexpensive.
  • A string or wire strung above the pile from end to end has been successful. One producer used a tire on a rim laid flat on top of the pile with a pole fixed to it and a wire strung between it and another tire at the opposite end provided some control.

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SOURCE:Cornell Cooperative Extension - Jeff Miller

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