So, can you guess who topped the 'most unpopular celebrities list'? Well, it most certainly wasn't Betty White--that's for sure. Betty made the list as America's favorite and most trusted personality. So, who's the number one most unpopular celebrity? If you guessed Paris Hilton--you are correct.

According to Ipsos North America, Paris Hilton tops the list as the most unpopular personality with 60 percent of the vote. Coming in at second place with 52 percent of the vote is Charlie Sheen. Rounding out the third, fourth and fifth positions, respectively, are Britney Spears-45 percent, Kanye West-45 percent and Arnold Schwarzenegger-44 percent.

On the flip side, who made the favorite personality list? According to Ipsos, topping the most popular personalities list is Betty White, followed by Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks.

For the full list of most unpopular and most popular celebrities lists, click here to go the Ipsos website.

Who is your favorite and least favorite celebrity?

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