Lis DeSanctis attended her first FrogFest and put together a montage of the entire day.  From music, James Wesley thanking our farmers and Justin Moore rocking the stage, to enjoying food and the crowd, including Elvis.

Justin told the crowd about an redneck experience he had on the way into FrogFest at the 2:47 mark, 'Somebody told me earlier there weren't rednecks in New York. And I go 'is that a fact.'  Then when we pulled in here, there was a Dodge Neon, that you couldn't even see what color the car was because it had mud all over it. If you take a Dodge Neon mud ridin', that's a redneck right there.'

We saw the car driving back from golfing and I actually asked the driver to stop so I could snap a picture. 

Mud Covered Redneck Dodge Neon


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