Everyone knows that dogs are very intelligent animals, but does anyone really know how smart they are? Researcher's at Duke University have been doing studies developing a series of games and activities you can do with your pup to test their sharpness!

Dr. Brian Hare is one of the founders of Dognition, which is a series of fun things you can do with your dog to help you understand how their mind works. According to the Dognition website,

You'll play fun, science-based games with your dog. The more you play, the more you'll discover about how your dog's mind works. Your Dognition results will surprise you!

The 20 games that comprise the Dognition Assessment were created by scientists, trainers, and behavioral specialists. They are fun and easy for anyone to play with their dog at home. In the time you would normally take your dog for a walk, you can gain a whole new understanding of your dog's unique genius.

Dr. Hare and other experts are constantly coming out with new articles and ways you can keep your dog happy and healthy. These dognition activities sort your four-legged friend into different categories or "profiles," such as Einstein, Socialite, Ace, and more.

Here is one example of 'Dognition' at Work:

For more details on this fascinating topic you can visit the 'Dognition' website.