The world has watched the fairytale romance between Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest unfold since 2010. The 24-year-old actress/singer/dancer and her 37-year-old most recognizable man in entertainment have kept both Hollywood and Nashville a buzz with ‘Will they or won’t they tie the knot?’

But when Hough first met Seacrest, she was already involved with fellow country singer Chuck Wicks — a fact she doesn’t try to deny.

“I had another boyfriend [at the time], Chuck Wicks, whom I met on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’” Hough recounts to Glamour magazine, telling the story of her first meeting with the ‘American Idol’ host. “While we were dating, we went on Ryan’s radio show together. The interview’s on YouTube, and I blush when I hear it because Ryan is hitting on me the entire time! At the end, Ryan said something like, ‘You guys really have something special!’ And I thought to myself, ‘He’s so full of sh– right now!’”

She adds, “When Chuck and I broke up, I wanted to be single. That lasted five months, then Ryan and I went on a date.”

As far as what drew Seacrest and Hough together, the ‘Is That So Wrong’ songstress says it was all about their similarities. ”We both like that perfection in ourselves, and we want to make our relationship like that,” she explains.

As for Wicks… well, we’re sure he’ll be okay!

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