A new documentary about the life of Johnny Cash, titled The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash, is set to come out via You Tube Originals in November 2019. In advance of the project's release date, fans can now watch a trailer for The Gift. Press play above to get a taste of the upcoming film!

According to Billboard, the documentary will be structured around Cash's iconic performance at Folsom Prison in 1968, and will delve into both the professional and personal arc of the country legend's life.

The movie will be co-produced by John Carter Cash, who is the son of the artist and his wife, June Carter Cash. Guitarist Mike McCready, of rock group Pearl Jam, will contribute and perform original music, and acclaimed filmmaker Thom Zimny (who is also a frequent collaborator of Bruce Springsteen) will direct the project.

The trailer for the upcoming film features footage from Cash's storied life, along with interview audio that includes the statement that inspired the movie's title. "I'm thankful that God has inspired me to write. I'm thankful for my family," Cash says in the trailer. "I'm thankful for the gift."

The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash is due for release on Nov. 11. It will join a host of accolades, documentaries and testimonials dedicated to the legacy of country music's best-loved icons. Previous projects spotlighting the country star include the 2005 Oscar-winning film, Walk the Line. Cash's historic career kicked off in 1955 with the release of his debut single, "Hey Porter," and continued until his death in September of 2003.

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