Another big name eatery is coming to Central New York and this is a good one! Jimmy John's is their name and gourmet sandwiches is their game. We've got one of these fine establishments coming to Campion Rd. in New Hartford.

I have had the privilege of eating at Jimmy John's several times. It is great. The subs are the perfect size, the meat and veggies are always fresh, and the bread is incredible. The best part is THEY DELIVER! It's always a good thing when another food business comes in to town to give some variety. Plus, more restaurants equals more jobs. Did you notice they're hiring?

This supreme sub place can be summarized by a statement found on their website:

Ahh, A Taste of Gourmet History. 1983 was a big year for America. Change was in the air. Reagan and old Bush were leading the country through the Cold War, GI Joe was dating Barbie, teenagers "tight rolled" their pants and slow danced to Total Eclipse of the Heart. For many, 1983 was a confusing, hungry place. People cried out for more, and not just more fondue.


It would be a 19-year-old with two first names that would answer America's cry for lunch – Jimmy John Liautaud.