Will #TeamBlake be in 'The Voice' finals next week? Blake Shelton's last artist, Jake Worthington went old school country with Waylon and pop, taking on a Bryan Adams ballad.

Jake Worthington

Despite having throat problems, Jake Worthington made coach Blake proud, proving his place in country music with Waylon Jennings 'Good Ole Boys.' Adam Levine was even impressed, saying'You're about as real and genuine as it gets.'

Jake Worthington 'Good Ole Boys'


Throwing a curve ball, Blake gave Jake 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams, to close the show. Not only did Jake make a fan out of Usher, who isn't into country music 'I like it when you sing it,' he's topping Luke Byran on iTunes. Don't be surprised if you see Jake on tour with Blake in the future who said 'I'd share the stage with you for the rest of my life.'

Kristen Merlin

The only other country artist, Kristen Merlin opened the show with Miranda Lambert's 'Gunpowder and Lead,' getting props from Blake, 'Miranda sings that in a different way. When Miranda's going to shoot the guys, she's mad and you're smiling about killing the guy. Two different approaches but it worked for you. It was really good.'

Kristen Merlin 'Gunpowder & Lead'

See who moves in the finals tonight at 8 on NBC. Who do you think it'll be? Christina Grimmie and Josh Kaufman's are shoe ins and I hope the other spot goes to Jake. Go TEAM BLAKE! Although Blake may need a ride to The Voice set tonight after Adam Levine dumped manure on his truck, his revenge for Blake tweeting his phone number.

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