I hope Blake Shelton remembers payback suck after tweeting Adam Levine's cell phone number during 'The Voice.'

Blake threatened to do it just before showtime.

Adam wasn't buying it.

Blake did feel bad and answered Adam's phone during commercial breaks.

I'll admit. I tried calling it, like everyone else on the planet did, but it was busy. The second time it wouldn't even go through.

At one point #IfICalledACoach was trending on twitter.

For anyone questioning whether or not it was really Levine's number, Voice host Carson Daly confirmed it on Today 'It was his number. I knew it was real because Adam told me it was real, but I didn't know if they were going to go through with it or how it would play out. The phone that I always call him on is now discontinued.'

Never question Blake's threats. I'm guessing Adam's going to need a new number, stat! You can send the bill to Blake.

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