We all talk about how crazy the roads are these days. It is as if people never took a driving lesson or at least not on with a professional instructor.

Poor driving however doesn't seem to be what caused a large RV to catch fire Thursday on the Southbound side of the NYS Thruway. The cause of this fire has not been disclosed. The Coach / Tour Bus style RV was headed south on the Thruway their destination is not known at this time.

Camper Towing a Jeep Catches Fire on New York State Thruway

Catskill Fire Company Inc via Facebook
Catskill Fire Company Inc via Facebook

Drivers on the Thruway in both directions got to see firsthand what an RV looks like going up in flames. The RV was not the only vehicle destroyed by the fire, the red jeep it was pulling caught fire as well.

Catskill Fire Department Fights Fire on NYS Thruway

Along with witnessing the fire drivers also had a close view of many of our HUdosn Valley first responders who worked hard to put out the flames. As you can see by the pictures shared by the Catskill Fire Company, Inc. on Facebook the fire was intense.

Luckily the passengers inside the RV were able to get out before it went up in flames. The original call had people trapped in the RV but luckily they escaped through a front window. It turns out that when they pulled over they blocked the door with the Thruway guardrail.

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Multiple agencies responded to this fire. Catskill Fire Company, Inc. shared the pictures and information on their social media. The cause of the fire has not been released.

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