With the holidays in full swing, Main Streets across the state have transformed into Hallmark movie-worthy attractions. Some of the best can be found right here in Central and Upstate New York.

New York, you really love the holidays and getting into the festive spirit. Some places transformed into Winter Wonderlands before Halloween was back in its coffin.

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But now that the air is crisp and snow is falling, these Main Streets are the top places you should visit to feel that Christmas cheer.

The Latest Roundup

Straight from the official I Love New York TikTok account, which is all about highlighting the best tourist attractions in bite-sized videos, there are several Central NY Main Streets that were named the best of the best.

Philipp Guelland, Getty Images
Philipp Guelland, Getty Images

In a list of the 11 Charming Main Streets in New York States, nearly half the list was made up of Central NY locations. Once you include Upstate New York, the region absolutely dominated this latest roundup.

The Catskills made up the third-largest portion of the list while Long Island collected the last of the crumbs.

Here are the local attractions that were highlighted by I Love NY:

People walking down sidewalks in a snow storm in a city

No. 10 - Main Street in LeRoy

No. 8 - Main Street in Schroon Lake

No. 5 - Main Street in Plattsburgh

No. 3 - Main Street in Cooperstown

No. 2 - Main Street in Tupper Lake

No. 1 - Main Street in Clayton

You can watch the serene video here and start planning your next weekend trip for the holidays.


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Check out the official I Love NY webpage to get even more ideas about all the cool places you can visit within the state.

Which Main Street do you think deserves to be #1?

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