Criminals have found a new way to steal our joy.

Police are warning New Yorkers against bumper stickers since dangerous people can use them to their advantage.

Jen Theodore via Unsplash
Jen Theodore via Unsplash

Authorities are warning New Yorkers to think critically about their bumper stickers and what they reveal about their lives.

Criminals can glean a lot of information from these decals and, sometimes, that'll put you on their radar. released a list of bumper stickers that have no business being on cars in 2024 and should be removed immediately.

In the end, police say it's better to make your car as plain as possible because criminals are always looking for an easy target. The more they can learn from you from just your car, the more likely they are to focus their attention on you.

Knowing this is obviously very sad and indicative of the world we now live. I remember how excited I was to deck out my car to express myself and it seems the younger generations are losing their opportunity to embrace that.

It seems that every time there's new "safety" advice, it strips away even more of our individuality. Who remembers when girls were told to stop hanging fuzzy dice on their car or bedazzling their steering wheel because the wrong person could determine their age and gender?

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Perhaps this is why people are demanding laws cracking down on criminals because they're tired of being told how not to be a victim.

Several think tanks, like Pew Research Center, say crime is a top voting issue in the upcoming 2024 election. Their most recent poll found 60% of Americans want violent crime to be a top political priority.

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There is also growing support to reintroduce "tough-on-crime" laws and reverse some criminal justice reform measures that may have gone too far, per a report from USA Today.

Until that happens, it seems we're all stuck doing our best to not attract any unwanted attention.

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