Unsatisfied with work or just downright hate your job? Apparently a lot of New Yorkers feel the same way.

Looks like workers in New York state need a serious attitude adjustment.

ColorBlind Images, Getty Images
ColorBlind Images, Getty Images

Where We Went Wrong

A new study from Select Software Reviews decided to update their nationwide happiness index of America's workers.

They compared the wages, quit rates, commute times, working hours, injuries, paid time off, and positivity levels of all 50 states to find which have the happiest employees.

Alaska dominated the roundup with a strong #1 showing thanks to its shorter-than-average workweek (31.1 hours), healthy average annual wage ($52,000) and a high job satisfaction score of 69.96 out of a possible 100 points.

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Rhode Island placed second with a score of 56.64 points.

On the flipside, everything appeared to go wrong with New York, which failed spectacularly.

The most shocking revelation was that the Empire State offers the third-highest average salary nationwide at $52,470.

But that appeared to be the only silver lining.

It's the Commute, Isn't It?

New York actually has the fourth-highest number of disgruntled workers in the nation.

The three other states to have worse conditions than us were Florida, Texas and first-place finisher, Georgia.


The Empire State embarrassed with an overall positivity score of 31.51 out of 100.

Despite having a handsome average salary, New York didn't have much else going for it when looking at other key factors in this roundup.

Said Select Software Reviews:

In the heart of the Big Apple, despite holding the third-highest average wage at $52,470, New York holds a high injury rate - causing over 247 fatalities last year - and the longest commute time of any state. Consequently, the state accumulated a final score of 31.51.

New York was also found to have the worst commute times out of all 50 states. An average worker here spends about 33.5 minutes in traffic - and that appears to be just one way.

Longer commute times do have a negative impact on one's mental health, as it has been found to chip away at morale. Spending more time behind the wheel also makes the workday feel longer, which cuts into an employee's ability to relax and unwind once they're home.

It was also found that traffic does have an impact on stress levels, so that could help explain New York's anxiety levels.

The Takeaway

This study incorporated data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Stats America, Bankrate, Paycor and Scholaroo.

In all, this survey was designed to highlight the states that are doing the most to reward workers and those that need significant improvements.

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With an increasing number of employees struggling with burnout, it seems that New York's worker shortage could grow even worse as these issues go unaddressed.

Said Select Software Review:

Although many people might assume that a job is the same wherever you are, these results demonstrate the considerable impact a location can have on how workers feel about their job, whether that is due to state laws, commute times, or wages. It emphasizes the importance for employers to create environments where employees find genuine fulfillment and can thrive.

What do you think? Do New York employees need an attitude adjustment or should state employers do more to ensure their employees' needs are met?

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