The National Weather Service has issued an urgent update regarding the intense heat slated to impact all of New York next week.

Ahead of the first heatwave of the season, the NWS issued a HeatRisk alert on Thursday and found that Central New York will be dealing with an elevated risk of heat-related issues.

Central New York was put in the "red zone" for Tuesday, June 18, where it is believed the area will experience major issues.  "This level of heat affects anyone without effective cooling and/or adequate hydration. Impacts likely in some health systems, heat-sensitive industries, and infrastructure," they said in an alert.

What will make the weather all the more dangerous is the high humidity expected to flood into the region soon.

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The surge of heat and humidity is anticipated to start on Friday, as a system that breeds thunderstorms rolls up the East Coast. Interestingly, this system is expected to bring cooler air and residents are urged to enjoy it while they can.

A "heat dome" will then build in Central New York, which will cause temperatures to rapidly intensify and could even trigger the hottest weather of the summer.

Washington, DC Sees High Temperatures As Heatwave Stretches Across Nation
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The current NWS forecast for the Utica-area is as follows:

Friday: Chance of severe thunderstorms that could produce heavy winds and hail. High 78
Saturday: Sunny with a high of 75
Sunday: Mostly Sunny, high around 80
Monday: Sunshine and temperatures near 87
Tuesday: Clear and sunny with a high near 95
Wednesday: Sunshine with temperatures around 95

To ensure residents who may not have air conditioning or adequate means to cool off, the New York Department of Health has updated its Cooling Centers page. Places that will welcome heat fatigued residents include the Utica, Kirkland, and Durham libraries, as well as public shopping centers like Sangertown Mall.

It is possible other locations may open up as forecasters learn more about the abrupt change in weather.

The state also issued extreme heat advice to ensure resident safety. They warned that extreme heat is one of the most dangerous weather conditions and could be deadly.

The human body isn't built to sustain extended periods of extreme heat. In fact, staying in the heat for too long can cause dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and other severe health conditions.

During the heat wave, residents are encouraged to drink plenty of water, avoid strenuous outdoor activity, minimize outdoor exposure during the hottest periods of the day, and take regular breaks to regulate your internal body temperature.



Residents are also encouraged to know the signs of heat stroke, which happens when the body's internal temperature reaches over 105 degrees. Symptoms include hot and red skin, rapid pulse, loss of alertness, rapid or shallow breathing, confusion, loss of alertness, and unconsciousness.

Health officials say heat stroke is an emergency situation and medical intervention is absolutely needed. If a person is experiencing heat stroke, it's heavily advised to try and cool the person off as quickly as possible. Ideas include cool baths, wrapping ice packs around their neck, wrists, ankles, or armpits, and also removing clothing to instead wrap them in cool and wet sheets.

That said, buckle up for some unpleasant weather in the coming days and get those Stanleys filled with ice water - you might need it.

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