If you're a mom in New York, you are about to be one of the most spoiled Americans in the entire country .

Mother's Day is May 12 and New Yorkers are gearing up spend a record amount of money on the leading ladies in their life.

According to Gifting Experts Unifury, only one other state will outspend New York on Mother's Day. That's California, with people there already Googling up a storm on the perfect gift, excursions and other Mother's Day-related activities.

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New Yorkers also had an extraordinarily high volume of Google searches for the May 12 holiday, with 12,190 peak monthly searches per 100,000 residents. Residents in the Empire State were mostly looking at where to buy flowers, trendy gifts for 2024, and also the best gifts for new moms.

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New York was the #1 state when it came to looking at where to buy flowers and 2nd overall when researching gifts for new moms. Massachusetts was #1 in that respective category,

In all, the top 5 states that are also likely to spoil moms rotten on Mother's Day are Nevada, Texas, and Florida; respectively.

Americans Planning to Drop $$$ This Mother's Day

Mother's Day spending reached an all-time-high last year when Americans spent a record $35.7 billion on the holiday.  The National Retail Federation did the math and said that came down to $274.02 a person, which beat the prior record set in 2022.

This year, Americans will spend slightly less than last year's record number.

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Spending on Mother's Day is expected to reach $33.5 billion this year.

The NRF said 84% of Americans plan to celebrate Mother's Day this year. Of this number, 74% said they will buy greeting cards and flowers, while 59% said they are planning special outings for the big day.

How much do you plan to spend on Mother's Day. Or, if you're a mom, what's your dream Mother's Day gift this year?

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