Man, some areas of Central New York got hit with some really heavy snow on Saturday night into Sunday morning and through Sunday afternoon. But, one local family in Rome really did their best to make the best of it. In fact, it made a lot of people laugh driving by.

Greg Yorton and his family live on Turin Road in Rome. He has had the idea in his head for a while and figured with the dump of snow, it was the perfect opportunity.

I knew it would be good for a few laughs of passers-by and some fun family memories. I like to be spontaneous and am always trying to get a rise out of my family.

What exactly was done? Yorton got out a special costume, put it on, and went outside to use the snow blower. What was the costume? None other than the popular blow up T-Rex.

Greg Yorton
Greg Yorton

"I had seen some videos of people doing random things in costumes like this before, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity," he said. "The expressions of drivers and the few people who honked as they were passing by our home really made my family's day as well."

What would your reaction be if you drove by and saw something like that? I've seen videos of it before, but have never actually seen someone doing it in real life.

Can you top a T-Rex costume in the snow? We'd love to hear your story! Message us on our station app and let us know what you did.

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