At one time or another we have all had a car problem while on the road. Those are the times we usually say, "I wish I had a flashlight" or "I should have a tool kit in the glove box". Actually there are a number of items that we should all have in our vehicles. See how many of them you have.

MSN came up with a helpful list.

  --Flashlight. There are compact LED flashlights that are really bright and don't take up much space in the glove box. It's a help that you can hold one in your teeth when you need both hands to change a tire or open a fuse box on a dark night.
--Keep an air gauge in the center console as a reminder to check each tire once a month. Low tire pressure can cause dangerous blowouts, and tires underinflated by only 6 pounds per square inch can reduce fuel economy by 5 percent.
--First aide kit. For those minor injuries that don't require dialing 911, a few bandages, gauze, tape, disinfectant, tweezers and ibuprofen are handy for handling minor cuts and scrapes.
--Owner’s manual. If you buy a used car and the owner's manual is missing, order a replacement through a dealer. One of these days you might need it to identify a blown fuse, figure out how to reset the clock or know where to place the jack when you get a flat tire.
--Warning triangles. A replacement for old-fashioned flares, a set of triangle warning reflectors fold and pack into a box that will fit in the trunk or spare-tire compartment of most vehicles.
--Jumper cables. Some day you will turn the ignition key and hear — nothing. A dead battery is not a disaster if you have a set of jumper cables.
--Map or atlas.Carry a map of at least your home state and city. Unlike a fancy GPS navigation system, a good, old-fashioned paper map will never lose its signal, blow a fuse, go wacky from sunspots.

(17 items you should always carry in your car - MSN Autos.)

There are several other must "must-haves"--many of which I don't carry--that can make road travel less of a worry on a dark winter night.


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