Over the summer you will enjoy plenty of picnics, and plenty of swimming. Society has always taught us, don't mix the two together. But are you ok if you do?

Growing up we've always been told "You must wait 30 minutes after eating to go for a swim." Why do people say that? Rumor has it if you don't wait, you could get a stomach cramp and drown. Has this ever happened once EVER?

Drowning caused by swimming on a full stomach has never been documented. Almost 4,000 people die from drowning annually. The biggest risks of drowning for children are the following: knowing how to swim, no fence around the pool, and lack of supervision. No where on the list do you see eating right?

“In my knowledge, there is no evidence or research that looks specifically at swimming that suggests that eating before swimming is dangerous,” said Dr. Kelly Pritchett, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and former collegiate swimmer at The University of Alabama."

I'd still be careful swimming with food, but you should be ok.