In my household this Thanksgiving, we started the day off by calling the New Hartford Police. We found a raccoon in our backyard, who my wife and I thought was rabid.

This raccoon was huge too. We called the police due to the fact animal control wasn't picking up. We called due to the fact that the raccoon would walk a few inches, fall over and roll around, lay there for a while, and it kept repeating this. It made my wife and I nervous that the raccoon could have rabies or cause our dogs to be sick.

Two police officers came over, and took care of the raccoon....if you know what I mean.

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Is There Any Sort Of Symbolism For Raccoons?

According to, if you keep seeing a raccoon during the day, it may be symbolic for someone near you not being super truthful:

If you keep seeing a raccoon during the day, it may be symbolic of the fact that someone around you needs to be unmasked. The meaning of a raccoon crossing your path can also be: unmask yourself so you can become a more authentic person."

Does someone around me need to be unmasked, or am I looking too much into this?

In Celtic folklore, the raccoon is a trickster spirit. This one sounds more convincing to me. It's a trickster, that is clever but always using its wits to steal food from other animals.

He receives his mask as a punishment having eaten all of his grandmother’s acorns – she hits him with a fire poker that also leaves a mark on his face."

I do enjoy my free lunch though.

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