One of the craziest sports stories of 2015 so far has to be Kurt Busch and his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll. Tuesday afternoon marked the end of a four-day hearing regarding an order of protection filed against NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. Driscoll claims that the 2004 Sprint Cup Champion slammed her head against the wall of his motorhome three times at Dover International Speedway in September. He claims she is a professional assassin!

According to a USA Today article,

Busch and his attorney, Rusty Hardin, have staunchly denied the accusations and cast Driscoll, who runs the Armed Forces Foundation and her own defense company, as a jilted lover who wants to destroy Busch's reputation. They have argued that Driscoll, who Busch claimed is a trained assassin deployed on many missions, was never physically abused.

This is like the plot out of a movie, except I don't think anyone could have written this. There was even an occurrence that was brought up in testimony where Busch claimed Driscoll met "The Outlaw" at a hotel in El Paso wearing an evening gown covered in blood spatter and other matter. We'll have to wait and see the outcome of this crazy case!