Rubbin' is racing. Unless you rub Jeff Gordon the wrong way. Contact between Gordon and Brad Keselowski during a race in Texas ended with a brawl in Texas.

The contact between the two came after a caution flag where Gordon was racing in first place. Both were competing for a spot in the championship round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

'It's his disregard for what's going on out there. He does things that force his team to have to defend him. I mean it's a shame,' Gordon said after the race.


The brawl ended with both Gordon and Keselowski suffering minor facial cuts.

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Getty Images

NASCAR officials are waiting to see all video of the fight before making any decisions on a possible punishment. NASCAR's Robin Pemberton, senior vice president of competition and racing development said 'We'll take our time (and) make all the right decisions that we can. We've got a lot of things to look at.'

Keselowski told, 'If Roger Penske came to me tomorrow and said, ‘Brad, you drove that race wrong, you shouldn't have done what you did, it would affect me. But the management team at Penske tells me to drive the way and I did and tells me there's nothing to be ashamed of and continues to support me. And they're my boss.'


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