Have you ever wondered if E-Cigarette secondhand smoke is dangerous? There isn't too many studies out just yet to prove one way or another, but we did find this article this morning that indicates that e-cigarettes may be safer for the smoker, but not others around.

Researchers at the University of Southern California report that secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes contains high levels of harmful metals. What metals were found?

E-cigarette smoke contains chromium - a toxic element that is not present in traditional cigarettes - and nickel at levels four times higher than normal cigarettes. The researchers say there were other toxic metals present in e-cigarette smoke, such as lead and zinc, though they were at levels lower than in normal cigarettes."

The team conducted their experiments in offices and rooms, the most common places used with E-Cigarettes. The study concluded that better manufacturing standards for the devices could reduce the quantity of metals in the smoke.

You can read more from Medical News Today.