New details emerge after a limo crashed, killing 20 people in one of the worst tragedies in New York's history.  Investigations reveal a failed inspection, no driver's license and  the limo company owner to be a former FBI informant.

An investigation by CBS 6 revealed the owner of Prestige Limousine and claims he worked as an informant for the FBI.

The owner is Malik Shaheed Hussain. He was arrested in 2001 and later convicted for helping immigrants fraudulently obtain New York State driver's licenses.

In an effort to reduce his sentence, a few years later he served as an FBI informant in a terror sting operation targeting two mosque leaders in Albany.

Defendants Mohommad Hossain and Yassin Aref were both convicted of multiple terrorism charges, after Malik Hussain's testimony.

The driver of the limo didn't have the proper driver's license, according to Governor Cuomo, who gave an update on the investigation. The limo also failed an inspection last month. "We don't yet know the cause of the accident—if it was a vehicle malfunction, if it was a driver malfunction, a driver error," said Governor Cuomo. "That's part of the ongoing investigation between the NTSB and the State Police."

A cease and desist order has been placed against Prestige Limousine during the ongoing investigation. "The owner of this company has a lot of questions to answer," says Governor Cuomo. "There's an ongoing investigation. But is there a possibility of liability? Civil and Criminal? Certainly."

The limo, carrying friends and family celebrating a birthday, failed to stop at the intersection of State Route 30 and 30-A in Schoharie, Saturday October 6th. The crash killed 17 inside limo, the driver and 2 pedestrians.

Local Residents Mourn 20 Victims Of Weekend Limousine Crash In New York State
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News Channel 13 released the names of the victims so far in the tragic crash.

GoFundMe pages have been set up by family and friends to help cover funeral expenses and college costs for children left without their parents.

GoFundMe Pages

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