Nearly all of New York State's COVID cluster zones have been lifted after the numbers of cases in the coinciding micro-clusters are down.

Governor Cuomo made the announcement during his media briefing on Wednesday, noting the significant progress many counties have made in reducing infection rates.

Oneida and Onondaga Counties had some of the most significant drops in infection rates. Oneida County dropped from 11.31% at peak positivity to 5.47% today. Onondaga County dropped from 8.89% to 4.47%.

"Different curves in different regions, but every curve statewide is down," Cuomo said. "That's good news. We will then adjust the valves to those facts."

Governor Cuomo said most counties across New York in orange and yellow zones would have those zones, and their subsequent restrictions, lifted. Yellow zones will only remain downstate for the time being, in Bronx, Washington Heights, Queens and Newburgh.

Along with his encouragement of the progress made, Cuomo reminded New Yorkers that both progress and decline throughout the COVID pandemic is a direct result of the choices we all make on a day-to-day basis.

"You know what it came down to?" Governor Cuomo asked. "What you did during Hanukkah, and what you did during Christmas, and what you did on New Year's Eve night after you had a couple of drinks. It comes down to what we do."

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