As a frequent shaver, nothing drives me crazier than having to spend an arm and a leg on fresh razors. Men and Women for years have had to deal with overpriced razors. Even the cheap, one blade, knick your skin with every stroke disposable razors have gone up in price. It is no doubt a growing problem. As the hair keeps a sproutin' we all have to keep a shavin'. One company has said "NO" to over priced razors. They are "The Dollar Shave Club."

When I first saw the comical promotional video I thought this was a clever joke. Then I visited their website. This is a serious business that delivers new (God, I would hope so) razors every month for only $1!!! You do however have the option to pay a little more for an upgrade.

Razor Options:
$1/month - Double Blade Razor
$6/month - 4 Blade Razor (AKA "The Lover's Blade)
$9/month - 6 Blade Razor
*All Prices INCLUDE Shipping and Handling

For Specific SPECS and Quantity Details Visit the "OUR BLADES PAGE."

Now, Here Is Their Quite Creative Promo Video:

Below Is A List Of Companies That Use The Dollar Shave Club:

  • ABC News
  • Forbes Magazine
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • NPR
  • The Economist
  • Fast Company

So what are people saying about The Dollar Shave Club? Here are some Customer Reviews:

Quick Conclusion @ 2:27 Mark
Quick Conclusion @ 6:16 Mark
Quick Conclusion @ 8:10 Mark

Overall the ratings are pretty good. I just may have to try this myself! If any of you have tried the "Dollar Shave Club" before, let us know in the comments below.